I would also like to request a gametwist voucher codes 2018 fee waiver, as I am making this request on behalf of a nonprofit newspaper for the purpose of sharing important information about the progress of the task force with the public.
This request includes - but is not limited to - any and all email, invitations, schedules, agendas and/or calendar items.
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3) the date the takeover/receivership ended, if it ended. .Copies of all official Reprieves of executions of condemned inmates issued by Governors Kitzhaber and Brown pursuant to their moratoria on executions.All records since January 1, 2014 related to, in whole or in part (including having as a sender or recipient Tim Raphael and Scott Nelson.I am interested in applying for said opportunity and have seen nothing posted within the Justice Court jurisdiction.After this was passed, it was overturned by a few women.This request pertains the following public officials: (A) Jason Miner; (B) Nik Blosser; and (C) Kate Brown, I request the following records prepared by, or in the possession, custody, or control of the above-listed public officials: (1) All text messages sent or received from January.If amenable, well need a copy of his resume or CV, as well as a color head shot, by Wed., July.Any and all correspondence involving the governor or her staff members containing pdx.We strongly believe that the publication of this data is clearly within the public interest.14, 2017 and any other written correspondence from OHA to the governor's office on this topic since July 21, 2017.
Nesika Health Group Corp.
And when it was place on file; when it was made available to Oregon citizens; when it was advertised as available to Oregonians, and by what method (internet, request from sec.No such document exists and the Oregon Public Records Act does not require a public agency to create records in response to a public records request.Any records regarding the dollar amounts involved in Cylvia Hayes' HDR and Waste to Energy contracts, as well as any copies that exist of the contracts.Communications to or from the governor's office from February 1, 2016 to the date of this request's fulfillment with the keyword "veto" Please provide to me under your state public record act law any record of communication regarding the proposed western regional grid operator and.Strategic Reserve Fund: I am making a Request for Information regarding the award of 350,000 of public funds in 2016 to rebuild the dock and Seafood Processing Plant in Warrenton Oregon that burned in June 2013.(4) March 14, 2014 email:.Brown and any of her people on the topics of the World Championship bid and the iaaf Track Town USA.3) Any and all internal communication between staff of and advisors to the Governors office, including but not limited to communications sent and received by Governor Brown and Ruchi Sadhir - Governor Browns energy advisor, regarding a proposed bill to be introduced in the 2016.I ask that they be disclosed.Jonathan Ernst/Reuters, jan 15, top Politics Stories, latest Politics Headlines 3h ago.