radio 538 prijsvraag

With this action 538 pays the accounts of listeners.
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This first edition was a great success.Radio 538 from Amsterdam - popular among young poeple, playing Top 40, Dance, R B and recent hits.In the afternoon and evening especially current hits.Initially, the 538-party in 2012 at the square near RAI Amsterdam will be held, but in January of that year it was decided to call off the whole party.Following a media campaign during which 320,000 signatures were collected, Radio 538 got its over-the-air frequency in 1995 or more precisely, a collection of several regional muziek downloaden gratis ios frequencies.From this year, this game is played twice a year, in February and August.
The Sunday starts with D'r uit!This was a result of a transaction between RTL Group and Talpa Holding, which has been an exchange of shares and sale to the order.Radio 538 has since been received in large parts of the Netherlands over the air on the FM band via the following frequencies: 102.1/102.3 MHz North Holland, Groningen 102.2 MHz, 102.3 MHz North Brabant, Gelderland, Limburg, 102.4 MHz Zeeland and North Brabant, Friesland and Utrecht 102.5 MHz, 102.6 MHz Overijssel and."Laatste keer Oranje kijken op Museumplein" (in Dutch)."Register commerciƫle omroepen per " (in Dtuch).538 stopt met War Childweek, RTL Boulevard, May 1, 2013 Regeling aanwijzing en gebruik frequentieruimte commerciƫle radio-omroep 2003, article 8:1 "Persgroep betaalde niets voor Noordzee FM".The entries will be once per hour cadeaubon landal greenparks a name called.In 2003, Radio 538 was granted a new nationwide frequency, 102 MHz (FM).The jackpot is won by the listener who does well all four votes.

All 10,000 tickets were sold.
Followed by Dennis Ruyer.
X, receives 50 000, - euro note.