This happened in old times where there were no commercial banks or proper banking channels and people usually did all the business in cash.
Field Description Account Type The account code promo zalando fr type for the voucher.
How to: Post Journal Vouchers You can code promo nocibé septembre 2018 use journal vouchers to post transactions that are not related to cash or the bank.
To post bank payment vouchers, you must specify debit entry details and credit entry details on two different journal lines.Determining Book Value, when accounting for assets, the difference between the asset's account balance and the contra account balance is referred to as the book value.Series window, on the Navigate tab, in the Voucher group, choose Account.Series, and then choose the related link.2.On the Navigate tab, in the Company group, choose Voucher.Voucher Narration Select to include voucher narration details in the report.On the G/L Entry FastTab, select the appropriate filters.To post journal vouchers the Search box, enter programa iphone 4s gratis Journal Voucher, and then choose the related link.As soon as I withdrew it, it becomes cash therefore second account is Cash.The balance in the allowance for uncollectable accounts represents the dollar amount expected to go uncollected and reduces the amount reported in accounts receivable.
Another example of a contra account is accumulated depreciation accounts that reduce the reporting value of capital assets.Hence the name contra entry.To print the cash book report the Search box, enter Cash Book, and then choose the related link.Maintenance of Historical Cost, accountants use contra accounts rather than reduce the value of the non-contra account directly to keep financial accounting records clean.11.On the Action menu, in the Posting group, choose Post.You can read this post on creating ledgers in Tally to know how you can create a ledger named Bank Account.A white screen will appear for creating contra voucher entry in Tally.Creating Contra Entry in Double Entry Mode.Click the image to see it clear.

In the contra entry, I have transferred or deposited.500 in the Bank.
You can enter a maximum of 50 alphanumeric characters.